Find Out How CareerMaker Helped a Start-Up Company Find The Right Sales Director With The Skills They Needed

Selecting a Sales Director with experience selling to government entities presented a large challenge for a start-up company. CareerMaker worked tirelessly to find the right person for the job and convince them to come onboard.


Recyclebank was a start-up that managed loyalty programs to motivate people to recycle. A Sales Director was needed, but this was no typical sales search. The candidate had to understand the complexities of selling to government entities. Plus, due to the unique nature of their business model, the client needed someone from outside the waste disposal industry.


CareerMaker quickly immersed themselves in Recyclebank’s business model. Their expertise in technology, operations and general management shortened the learning curve dramatically. They isolated the specific skill sets needed to be successful in this newly created position, then tapped into their broad database to find candidates that had these skills.


CareerMaker identified five high potential candidates from outside the industry. They then convinced the preferred candidate to “jump ship” by drilling down into his personal and professional goals – then showing how this position could help him meet these goals like no other. The candidate has been with the organization for two years and has consistently exceeded his aggressive sales goals.