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Your team is likely your
organization's largest:

CareerMaker’s laser focus methodology helps you find candidates faster -
candidates who fit your company culture AND have the necessary skills to
complement your existing team; saving you time and internal resources which are
better spent growing your business.

When it comes to business success, it’s all about people, people, people.

Richard BransonFounder of the Virgin Group

When change is your only constant, a solid team is your only counter.

The rate of change in your industry is far more likely to increase in the coming years than remain constant. As the pace of change accelerates, you may encounter; disruptive, well-funded competitors, political instabilities which could affect your supply chain, a new technology which could change the way you engage with your customers, or a pandemic which could throw all the above at you at once. The question you should be asking is: Is my team ready, agile, and capable of seeing how these changes can provide both opportunities and risk to my organization?

Your question should be: Is my team ready, agile, and capable of adapting to these changes that bring both opportunities and risks to my organization?

“Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth. Hiring was - and still is - the most important thing we do.”

Marc BennioffFounder, Chairman and co-CEO of Salesforce

Great Teams Are About Personality and Culture, Not Just Skills

It’s not about hiring one superstar who can solve all of your problems, it’s about finding the person who can complement the people around them, making the entire organization more productive. This leveraged effect is what ultimately drives growth in your organization, allows it to scale, and provides shareholder value. Identifying an ideal fit will require a deeper understanding of the people, personalities and culture which shape your organization.

Our holistic approach to talent acquisition.

There is no way of knowing how well a new hire will complement an existing team without first understanding the path you have already mapped and progressed. During our discovery phase, we need to understand a lot about the team in-place, your business objectives, successes, and failures. Through this process we may even find the talent you are seeking is already inside your organization.

CareerMaker has been helping companies build winning teams since 1997 with a simple premise: we won’t start searching until we have a complete picture of how the ideal candidate will fit into the larger organizational structure, complement the existing team and drive your organization closer to its business objectives. This requires us to become a fully integrated team member, much like an Honorary Advisor or Chief Talent Officer.

Our level of understanding is not something that can be passed to a junior representative to execute “candidate identification and generation.”  Our Founder, Ken Downey has a unique combination of experience as both an Entrepreneur and Talent Acquisition Advisor. His “ownership mindset” provides a more complete view of a client’s business objectives which leads to more holistic and long-lasting solutions.

Laser focus provides faster and more reliable outcomes than the floodlight approach

Ken has decades of experience matching candidates to organizations through his deep and comprehensive network of executives. His laser focus approach delivers ideal candidates faster and more consistently than larger firms, who rely on vast databases of resumes.

His experience also honed his natural instinct, a key piece in finding the right talent that complements specific work cultures and expectations. This has allowed Ken and the entire CareerMaker team to match qualified candidates to a wide variety of candidates across the globe.