No More Revolving Doors: How CareerMaker Helped a Tech Company Find a “Forever” Senior Director

Filling a position that’s recently seen a lot of turnover is never easy. CareerMaker dug into the job’s structure and found a candidate who could help redefine the role.


A major technology company in the Bay Area needed to fill a particularly difficult position – it was a Senior Director of Program Management job that had been held by four different candidates in less than two years. The assignment represented multiple challenges for CareerMaker: how to convince a qualified (and in all likelihood, already employed) candidate to jump ship into what could be seen as a “revolving door” position? And even more importantly, how to identify the ideal candidate that could finally “stick”?


Before even initiating the search, CareerMaker began by addressing the core issue at hand – a loosely defined role that led to a wide variety of (often dissimilar) interpretations by both candidate and management. CareerMaker worked with the hiring manager to stake out a specific, ownable set of responsibilities for the role and redefine the job itself. They then were able to explain the history of the position to candidates, the factors that led to this history, and how the problem had been fixed.


CareerMaker filled the position without compromising timing or hiring standards. But more importantly, the chosen hire is still with the company three years later- and has in fact been promoted to Vice-President. The door has not only stopped revolving – it has opened up to a world of greater possibilities.