How CareerMaker Helped a Shoe Company Walk Into a New Market

Expanding into new markets and regions doesn’t have to be a challenge if you have the right people on your side. CareerMaker helped find a candidate who could fill the broad role needed to successfully help the company grow into the Latin American region.


A successful shoe marketer wished to export their North American and European success to a vibrant new market – Latin America. They approached CareerMaker about hiring a VP of Sales to call on retailers in this region and add another successful market to their global sales.


CareerMaker had worked with this client before and agreed that the company was ready for expansion to this new market. But to ensure success, they identified a need for a broader position – one that could not only sell, but establish a fully integrated brand presence in this market. This formula had led to success in other international markets, and would help maximize the chances of success in Latin America as well.


CareerMaker successfully filled the position – of General Manager of Latin America, responsible for all Sales, Marketing, and Operations. The region now represents a major proportion of international sales for the company, and is in fact it’s fastest growing region today.