Learn How CareerMaker Discovered a Unique Global Creative Director Who Led A Famous Shoe Brand To Success

Divide and conquer isn’t always the best tactic. CareerMaker identified the need for unification among marketers and designers and helped the company get everyone together under one roof to enhance collaboration and growth.


A major design house had what appeared to be a relatively straightforward assignment: hire a Global Creative Director to manage the design process, and design agencies, from the company’s offices in Italy. But sometimes opportunity lies in what appears to be the most basic task.


After understanding how the company’s design and development process worked, CareerMaker identified a void that the client had initially overlooked. Packaging, marketing, and retail merchandising were all located in the company’s headquarters in Denver, yet design had always been centered in Italy. Wouldn’t co-locating all functions in a single location facilitate a more integrated, holistic and compelling consumer experience?


As always, a highly qualified candidate was identified – and hired into their new position in Denver, Colorado. Communication between design and all other functions has never been better – and it shows in both the stores and the sales.