Board Services

Advisory Boards

Advisory boards are an essential element when it comes to growing your business. Stakeholders and investors look to the advisory board for direction when it comes to navigating through the complex waters of governmental legislation, technological advancements, and a growing desire for a transparent process. However, finding qualified individuals to sit on your advisory board can be challenging.

At CareerMaker, we find top executives with a deep network and industry knowledge that elevate your company to the next level. With our guidance tailored to your specific company’s needs, we can assist you in onboarding valuable assets to your business.

Boards of Directors

Your board of directors must adequately represent your shareholders’ interests. CareerMaker works with your company to identify business requirements and candidate skills, so we can utilize our extensive network to search for the best people. Your company can undergo a transformation with the right board members that will benefit shareholders and company executives alike.

Our founder, Ken Downey, has over 20 years of experience advising companies on talent acquisition. His perspective on holistic hiring solutions at every level of a business has shaped our company’s strategies by allowing us to get a feel for our candidates in ways that our competitors simply cannot.

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